Balik Pulau

Housing Projects

Balik Pulau (or "back of the island" by direct English translation) used to be a sleeping town at the "back" of the Penang Island. Traditionally, it has been a market town with more agricultural than commercial or industrial activities.  It has been famous for its durian plantation more than its development. It was considered as a remote place only accessible through hilly and winding road via Teluk Kumbar in the south and Teluk Bahang in the north.

However, the scene is set to change, as the development of Penang Island is now moving towards the south and west. New highway connecting Relau to Balik Pulau has helped to open the door for further development It is now a self-contained township serving the Southwest District of Penang. Basic facilities such as a hospital, police headquarters, a fire station, a post office, a power station, a provincial court, a bus station and banks have been established. Balik Pulau is now the designated location to become Penang' education hub. It has already housed many secondary schools such as SK Saint George, SK Kongsi, SK Balik Pulau, SK Genting, SK Pulau Betong, Maktab Rendah Sains MARA (MRSM), SMK Seri, SMK St. George, SMJK (C ) Sacred Heart.A new international secondary school, the Prince of Wales Island International School has added an international touch to the local community. The presence of higher education institution such as Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA (KKTM), Kolej Teknologi Pulau (KTP) and talks about even more upcoming higher education institutions definitely help to attract more outsiders to the once considered "remote" area.

With these fundamentals in place, and the improvement of access roads to the town, Balik Pulau is on its way to become a modern township with vibrant local and even international community. Hence, real estate development has took off at high speed. Many housing projects have been taken place, and the value is on the increase. Hence, it has become Penang's new development frontier in the eyes of the investors.

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