The Promenade

The Promenade, also known as D'Cascadium, is a mixed commercial plus residential project developed by Lion Group and T.J. Group. The property is strategically located right in the Bayan Baru township, next to Hotel Seri Malaysia and D'Piazza. It comprises 336 units of designer suites known as The Promenade Residence, 37 units of 2-5 storey retail shops. The tenure is leasehold.


The commercial units occupy the first 5 floors. The 37 units of commercial lots include: 4 units of 5-storey shop lot, 2 units of intermediate 5-storey shop lot, 13 units of 4-storey shop lot,17 units of 2-storey shop lot, a semi curvature unit at 5th floor.


The Promenade Residence starts from the 7th floor to 27th floor. the building is equipped with 5 lifts including 1 service lift. All units are internet-enabled (high speed broadband), Astro Beyond cabling, complete with internal air conditioning piping and instant water heater. Th built-up area varies from 847 sq.ft. to 1,651 sq.ft. Each unit is allocated with one car park, with additional car available for purchase.


There are 16 units per floor with 9 different floor plans. They are:

Type A: 42 units 847sq.ft. (2 bedrooms)

Type B: 21 units 855sq.ft. (2 bedrooms)

Type C: 21 units 979sq.ft. (2 bedrooms)

Type D: 42 units 977sq.ft. (2 +1 bedrooms)

Type E: 63 units 1,011sq.ft. (3 bedrooms)

Type F: 42 units 1,111sq.ft. (3 bedrooms)

Type G: 42 units 1,294sq.ft. (4 bedrooms)

Type H: 42 units 1,525sq.ft. (4+1 bedrooms)

Type I: 21 units 1,651sq.ft. (4+1 bedrooms)

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