George Town

Housing Projects

It is actually hard to define the perimeter of George Town, owing to the fact that the city actually cover a large area, which grows "organically" in more than a hundred years rather than through planning. Many suburbs have evolved from the city and established the names of their own. Our definition of George Town is the area as shown in the map above.

George Town is the capital of Penang, and of course is the oldest township in Penang, and one of the oldest in Malaysia. The city was founded by Sir Francis Light in 1786. The initial city centre was close to the shore near Light Street and Beach Street. The city perimeter slowly moved inwards. Only later in time, the place where KOMTAR tower is located became the city centre.

George Town city centre is already saturated with private and commercial buildings. Many of the old buildings have now become a part of the old heritage, especially those fall within the George Town World Heritage area. Nevertheless, those fall outside the area are still being utilize as restaurants, hotels and shops with heritage themes.

In addition to that, many buildings have been demolished to give way to new properties. The properties in the area are not necessarily expensive. Depending on the location, some areas are actually quite "run down" with squatter houses and low cost flats. However, new development is on the way to refurbish the old buildings and to redevelop the city to give them new lives, and to turn them into modern dwelling and commercial premises.

The future development of George Town is crucial for the whole Penang state. To many visitors, George Town represents the image of Penang. Penang's attraction depends heavily on the appeals of George Town to tourists around the world.

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