Gurney Drive

Housing Projects

Gurney Drive is referring to a road along the popular seafront promenade in Georgetown, Penang. The road was named after Sir Henry Gurney, former British High Commissioner in Malaya who was assassinated during the Malayan Emergency. It is probably one of the most visited place in the Penang Island by tourists from within and outside Malaysia, as well as the locals. During weekend and public holidays, this road will be packed with traffics and pedestrians from all walks of life.

The area is famous for its hawker food. It attracted film crews from around the world to create TV programs especially those related to food. Popular shopping mall Gurney Plaza located at the seafront is an added jewel on the crown. Along the road and nearby area, there are numerous hotels and luxurious super condos being developed The properties here focus on high end market, and very much sought after the rich investors and celebrities.

Recently, land reclamation at Tanjong Tokong has lead to the accumulation of silt and mud on the sea bed off Gurney Drive. It has become the habitat of sea birds and mudskipper. However, the scene is expected to change as there has been a few suggestions to develop Gurney Drives. One of it is to reclaim the coast to build the Penang Outer Ring Road. Other suggestions include to reclaim it as a recreational park or to develop it into a mangrove forest. However, none of them has been decided yet.

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