Why Penang?


Penang is a tiny island at the north-west of the peninsular Malaysia. Malaysia may not be as well known as its neighbours Singapore and Thailand, but it holds a lot of potential for surprises, especially in Penang.


Penang's attraction does not depend on its wealth, development, or natural resources. A lot of visitors come with the impression of Penang as a tropical paradise, with sandy beaches and beautiful sea, only to find out that there are other places, which are much closer to their expectation.


No doubt, there are other places, which are more prosperous, more developed, more beautiful, and more historical than Penang. The attraction of Penang does not come from any of the single entity, but the combinations of all. What Penang has is the characteristic that made the island the "melting pot" of the world. It is the meeting place between East and West, rich and poor, old and new, modern and tradition. It is the impact created by the mix of different elements that generate anticipations and surprises to the people. It creates a special "Penang flavour" that is unique. This is the real charm of Penang.


If you live in Penang, you will have the privilege to witness changes that shape Penang¡¯s future. You will see that people are motivated to transform the island into one of the most liveable places. Hence, there is so much to look forward to. We think that it will be more exciting than to live in a fully developed city where hope and imagination have saturated.


The meeting of old and new


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