Tanjong Tokong

Housing Projects

Tanjung Tokong, or in English direct translation: Cape Temple, is a suburb of George Town located at the northern east coast of the Penang Island. Tanjung Tokong derived its name from the famous Tua Pek Kong temple. It used to be a quiet fishing village during the 70's. Due to its location between the popular Gurney drive and Tanjong Bungah, it has been transformed from into modern residential and commercial district.

One of the Penang modern shopping malls, Island Plaza is located in the area. Many high rise buildings were developed to cater for the needs of the low income, the medium income as well as the up market. It is now a much developed and seek after area in Penang for locals, as well as expatriates.

Tanjung Tokong has limited strips of land, as a result, land reclaiming project from the sea has been carried out to find more land for development. The recent major land reclamation is carried out by E&O Development. New township with luxury bungalows, and terrace houses, marinas and commercial complexes is emerging on the reclaimed land. In addition, if the much talk about highway along Gurney Drive becomes a reality, it will bring further impact to the economy of the area.

Moving forward, Tanjong Tokong is expected to continue to prosper as the suburb serving commercial and retail needs of the nearby Georgetown and the north coast of Penang.

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